Applicants Please Read
POSTED BY ON THE 2014-08-16
I am sorry to say that currently our Application page not working due to technical difficulties. Please use the template from the page and email it to us at admin@australianarmedforces.org and we will respond ASAP. Sorry for any inconveniences.
New Game & TS Servers
POSTED BY ON THE 2014-08-01
After our last provider suddenly went bankrupt, AAF was on the look out for a new server. We have been very thankful a few members have been able to provide temporary servers in this time of transition. But alas, we now have our dedicated server again where we are up and running with a new game server. We have also created our own Teamspeak server. We thank ABG for allowing us to be on theirs for so long, but we now have been given our own server in Sydney. The IP of the new TS is; ts.australianarmedforces.org

Lots of exciting things coming in the new few weeks with plenty of missions and campaigns starting, as well as lots of new recruits getting kitted out with mods and training.

See you all on the battlefield.
Year of the LRMs
POSTED BY Scarecrow ON THE 2014-02-03
January was a slow start for the Australian Armed Forces, but with Long Running Missions in the near future, its going to be a highly eventful year.
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year
POSTED BY Scarecrow ON THE 2013-12-26
From all of us here at AAF, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years. We look forward to plenty more ARMA 3 gaming in 2014.
News update 29/09/13
POSTED BY Scarecrow ON THE 2013-09-29
Well the time has come, Arma 3 has finally dropped and AAF and the Australian Battle Group has welcomed its arrival and the new possibilities it brings. As can be seen some updates on both the front and back end of the site have been done, optimising the overall performance, security and look of the page as well as updating relevant information such as the team pages and the Gametracker Teamspeak info which fell out of date from the last update. Due largely to lack of use our forums have also been removed, if direct contact is needed with the admin team, you can use the contact page or as always, find us on Teamspeak!
News Update 10/06/2013
POSTED BY Scarecrow ON THE 2013-06-10
Welcome to the AAF Website As you can see by the date AAF is still active and awaiting the arrival of the Arma 3 Beta while still participating as an active part of the Arma 3 Alpha and Arma 2 communities. The site has been update slightly over the past few weeks as well opening the forums to all new users. Adding Captchas to recruit applications to reduce spam and updating of site graphics and links to reflect our change of teamspeak and gameplay in the prior months.
AAF News 9/03/2013
POSTED BY Scarecrow ON THE 2013-03-09
Arma 3 Alpha has finally arrived! AAF has been putting the new game through its paces and we are extremely pleased with the new features! Also over the past 3 months, AAF has Doubled in size with a addition of 30+ new members. We are very pleased with our new members and hope many more will join our community! AAF has moved team speak Severs! We have move to
Website Back Up
POSTED BY Omega ON THE 2012-12-22
"Well, after a week of down time of our web servers for 'Maintenance' we're happy to be back up and running."
New-New Server
POSTED BY Bluey ON THE 2012-10-30
Well, after a week of down time of our servers for 'Maintenance' we're happy to be back up and running, bare with us for the next few days while we setup the game-servers and Six updater links again. Lucky, not all of this is bad news as the Processors in the server have been upgraded to Ivy Bridge Xeon's from the previous Sandy Bridge based server.
Australian Armed Forces is Recruiting
POSTED BY ON THE 2012-08-31
The Australian Armed Forces are looking for new recruits, anyone interested in joining a online gaming clan specialising in ARMA Gameplay, jump on our teamspeak (ts.australianarmedforces.org) or head over to our Apply Page!.
Operation Stonewall Debrief
POSTED BY Omega ON THE 2012-08-21
Well done to all our participants in the AusArma Joint Operation "Operation Stonewall". All clans were very effective, with only 3 deaths and 48 participant, The AAF thanks AusArma + CTB for one of the most enjoyable joint operations yet!
Welcome to the Australian Armed Forces!
POSTED BY Antipop ON THE 2012-06-10
Welcome to the Australian Armed Forces new website! I would like to thank Omega for creating this website himself. He coded the whole entire website himself without using any pre-existing software, and for that effort, AAF is most grateful. Please feel free to have a look around and please report any bugs to admin@australianarmedforces.org